Prega News Results

Hey dear, if you haven’t read biology then I will tell you some points about menstrual cycle. * At day 1 of periods the ovum was completely destroyed so it results in menstruation. At this time, the new ovary is being prepared to come in uterus.

05-01-2019  · A full step article on How to use Prega news in Hindi, also हिंदी में जनिये प्रेगा न्यूज़ केसे इस्तेमाल करे घर बेठे जाने आप गर्भवती हो या नहीं

05-03-2014  · prega news test shows negative result but till today periods do not come . By ananya | 135 posts, last post over a year ago. Kate Smith answered this Missed Period But Not Pregnant: Possible Reasons For A Late Menstrual Bleeding.

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