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Market Movers: What changed for D-Street while you were sleeping – Spurt in crude oil prices Crude prices rose on Friday.

Rail fares likely to go up soon The Indian Railways may increase.

Coming back to global economies, China has its own set of problems and obviously they have also slowed down at this point but.

9 INCH BANANA WITH 7 INCH GIRTH || Olive & Garlic Oil for Penis Double GrowthIndia Vs China Turns Electric: How The Two Markets Stack Up For Electric Vehicles – The Chinese government has spent nearly $60 Bn in the last decade to create an industry that builds electric cars, while also.

which is weighing heavily on global oil consumption, and until the economy improves, prices are unlikely to see a sustained.

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The present slowdown is even more serious because the price of fuel oil is presently.

has led to increase in NPAs of the.

Jet fuels are high-value light petroleum products processed from crude oil. These fuels are not only used in jet aircraft.

The global aviation fuel market size is likely to increase owing to the.

If the Aramco deal of Reliance and the BPCL divestment happen, these flows are expected to increase. The RBI has been.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) believes the U.S. is on track to become a sustained net oil exporter in either late.