Tambola Game Rules

Tambola is played on a basic principle. The organizer/caller calls the Number/CUE one at a time and players need to strike Numbers on their tickets. Tambola (also called Houzee) can be played in many different ways depending on the competency level of the target audience. American version of Tambola is.

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The game of Housie is similar to American Bingo. While in the United Kingdom it is known as Bingo or Housey Housey, our friends to the south in New Zealand and Australia know the game as Housie. In the same way Bingo is often used in America as a fundraiser, in Australia and New Zealand Housie is commonly used to raise funds for sports teams and churches. The rules of Housie are simple and the.

08-04-2017  · Tambola is a game of chances, a casual gamble game not a serious one. where an organizer or the caller calls a number at a time, which players have to mark or cut in there ticket. The one who reaches winning point has to claim the same immediately by calling “housie”. As we all know Tambola is also known as Housie game.Tambola has variant game also known as Bingo game.

Winnings/Prizes/Winning Criterias & Dividends Tambola/Houzee. There are various Winning Criterias in Tambola/Houzee card game with Full House being the Game Winning Condition (with the most prized amount). Listing out some generally used winning criterias. Prizes in tambola housie games are also known as winnings, dividends. Below are some.

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Raj Kundra’s Housie Quiz Blends Nostalgia With India’s Love For Real Money Gaming – Housie or Lotto or Bingo, popularly known as Tambola in India, has been around for decades and is seen as a game.